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On my own August 27, 2008

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I ended up getting home a little later from practice and of course I was starving when I finally got home. Mike wasn’t going to be home till later on, so I was on my own for dinner. I decided on dijon crusted tilapia with a little tartar sauce on the side, zucchini and squash, and a big sweet potato with salsa, little bit of mexican cheese and hot sauce. It was really good and very filling.

While making dinner I snacked on some Annie’s cheddar crackers.

and Mike and I shared a Jack Daniel’s Downhome Punch (no pic). I’d rather have a Jack and Coke but these aren’t too bad and they only have 170 calories.


A nap and dinner August 22, 2008

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Volleyball practice got cancelled so after work I went straight home and took a little nap. Oh it felt great! I love sleeping, if I could, I’d sleep all day. After I woke up from my nap I started making dinner. I decided on Shake ‘n’ Bake chicken, Annie’s mac ‘n’ cheese, and grilled zucchini and squash. I also snacked on some Annie’s cheddar crackers while making dinner, sorry no pic.


Look at these babies… August 20, 2008

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OMG!!! I have never seen squash this big before. A friend of mind gave me these today…maybe I’ll use them tonight for dinner. Thanks Cristina!!!! 

I’ve include my snack in the picture. I’ll be eating this before the gym tonight. I’m doing my first spinning class tonight. Wish me luck!