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I heart Indian food September 24, 2008

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Today’s lunch was very yummy. Indian frozen meal with a side salad.Sorry so short, I have practice right now.


Back with a bang

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I haven’t been able to blog cause I have been kinda busy and lazy. Over the weekend we had a volleyball game at the beach and we all stayed the night. It was so nice getting out of here and relaxing on the beach. One day I really hope I can move closer to the water.

Last night was our first league game for volleyball and we WON!!! We have another game tomorrow but it will be tough to pull out a win with this team.

Breakfast this morning was AWESOME! I got some new pb and some good trail mix from target yesterday. In the mix:

  • 1/2 oats with water and splash of rice milk
  • cinnamon
  • brown sugar
  • dried cherries
  • monster trail mix
  • p.b. loco


So sore September 18, 2008

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I’m so sore this morning…yesterday during volleyball practice the other coach and I decide to play but we both didn’t have shoes. I thought I would be fine playing without shoes, but my feet and legs are hurting today. It was a really good workout though. After practice I went to my sister-in-laws house and while the boys (Mike and her husband) were at football practice we did a little workout. It felt good and it just made me realize how much I really need to get back to the gym regularly. I didn’t end up leaving there until 9:30pm last night. When Mike and I got home we both had a beer and then went to bed.

Mike has a football game tonight and it’s at a school that is about 3 hours away. Since we won’t be seeing each other tonight we decided to have lunch together today. We most likely will be going to the Hungarian place for a sandwich. Gosh it’s going to be the second time this week that I have went there. But time I’m not going to get chips…they just left me feeling overly full and bloated.

For breakfast this morning I had instant oatmeal and I might have a fruit’n yogurt parfait in a little while. I didn’t bring any snacks or fruit today.


El Pollo Loco September 17, 2008

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I had a El Pollo Loco chicken salad but I forgot to take a picture. I also had a carmel brownie Luna bar.


Still tired…

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For snack I had bought a fruit platter thing from McDonalds…it was pretty good. I ate about 1/2 of the yogurt and everything else.

For lunch I had a tuna salad with spring mix, zucchini, cucumber, red onion, olives and a light balsamic vinaigrette.


Is it Friday yet?

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I woke up so late this morning…I actually woke up at 6:45am which is the time I’m suppose to leave the house. I hate the feeling of being rushed, but it happens every morning. I don’t know why but I have the hardest time waking up in the morning. My plans for today after work are volleyball practice, shopping, going to my sister-in-laws house, cleaning the house, making dinner and hopefully getting a run in later.

For breakfast I had Kashi waffles again with pb and jelly.

EDIT:Around 9am I need some caffeine…so I went to McDonalds and got a sugar free iced coffee.


A late dinner

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This what I ate when I got home from my volleyball game. I didn’t end up get home until 10pm, but it’s okay because we WON!!!!!! For dinner I made a quick sandwich on an english muffin with a morningstar chicken patty, 1 whole egg, 1 slice of cheese and buffalo sauce. For desert I had a Fage 0% with dark chocolate chips, honey and a couple of puffins. Normally I would put banana in it but I was all out.

I also had a pear after my game.