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Warning…very unhealthy weekend August 25, 2008

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The weekend included a lot of alcohol and some unhealthy food. But overall it was a good weekend. Saturday I woke up at 8:30am. After I had breakfast I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes. Later that night Mike and I went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and that’s when the drinking started. After dinner we went to Mike’s sisters house and drank a little more and played a little Rock Band. Has anyone played that? It is so much fun! Sunday woke up around 10am, had some breakfast/lunch and went to Super Target and spent way too much money. But I finally bought a Magic Bullet! The rest of Sunday night, Mike and I drank…bad idea, now I’m at work today and feel like crap.

Saturday breakfast: Kashi blueberry waffles with maple syrup and egg scramble with egg beater, zucchini, red pepper, morning star sausage patty and cheese.



Saturday Lunch: Morning Star chicken patty on Oroweat light bread, jalapenos, mustard and a pickle. On the side cucumbers with hummus and an iced coffee.


Saturday Dinner: Chips and salsa, guacamole, 2 slices of Mexican pizza, salad with way too much dressing, 2 chicken fajitas, and 2 vodka tonics!

I had a few chips with salsa and a few chips with guacamole.


I ate about 75% of my salad.

Had about 2 bites of rice and beans.


After dinner I has two of these, malibu rum and pepsi.


Sunday breakfast/lunch: Ice coffee with nonfat milk and spenda and a breakfast sandwich on a thomas english muffin with an egg, morning star sausage patty, and buffalo sauce.


Sunday Dinner: Shanke ‘n’ bake pork chop, corn and buffalo mac ‘n’ cheese. To drink, Jack and coke.


Oh and I also had a chicken slider and ice cream…that’s what happens when you start to drink, you start to eat. 😦

Now looking back at all the food I ate and the alcohol I drank, I think I’ll try a little harder to do a better job next weekend. As you can see I’m not perfect.