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Another win September 26, 2008

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The girls did good at there game last night, we ended up beating them 2 out of 3. I got home around 7:30pm with dinner on the table and a clean family room…it was nice. Mike picked me up a garden salad and I added a morningstar chicken patty on the top. I had ranch dressing on the side and just fork dipped it. I also added some sprays of italian dressing. I ate all of it except the cheese and tomatoes.


Got a little exercise September 25, 2008

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Instead of going to spin class after practice I went to my future sister-in-laws house to exercise with her. We walked/jogged 2 miles and did push-ups, crunches, squats, and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t know what they are called. For dinner we decided on chicken salads with romaine lettuce, carrots, tomato, grilled chicken, peppercinis, some parm cheese, a little bbq sauce and some ranch dressing. It was really good. I remembered to take the picture after I already starting eating.


El Pollo Loco September 17, 2008

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I had a El Pollo Loco chicken salad but I forgot to take a picture. I also had a carmel brownie Luna bar.


A late dinner

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This what I ate when I got home from my volleyball game. I didn’t end up get home until 10pm, but it’s okay because we WON!!!!!! For dinner I made a quick sandwich on an english muffin with a morningstar chicken patty, 1 whole egg, 1 slice of cheese and buffalo sauce. For desert I had a Fage 0% with dark chocolate chips, honey and a couple of puffins. Normally I would put banana in it but I was all out.

I also had a pear after my game.


I’m glad it’s Monday September 15, 2008

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I’m actually glad it is Monday. I don’t know why but I have the hardest time controlling myself over the weekend. I always eat and drink way too much. So today I need to get back on track.

Saturday night I had a little scare…I ended up in urgent care till 3am. Around midnight I was walking to the bathroom and half way there I felt the worst pain in my foot. It felt like a huge needle got stabbed in my foot. I looked down and saw a huge scorpion running across the room. I started scream to Mike to kill it!!!! He did and put it in a bottle and we rushed to the urgent care which is 45 minutes away from our house. When I got there the doctor said that it was definitely a poisonous one. They took my blood, put in an IV and gave me some medicine so I wouldn’t be nauseous. 2-3 hours later I was able to leave. He said I should be fine. Boy was that scary!

I just realized that I forgot my camera cord at home. I was in a hurry this morning and switched bags…I left it in the other bag. 😦 Sorry! I’ll have to upload my breakfast and lunch tomorrow. For breakfast I had instant oatmeal and a very ripe banana.



Dinner: I had 2 different salads. They were in a small bowl.



9-12-08 Lunch and Dinner September 13, 2008

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I left work early to go home and take a nap. I ended up taking a 5 hour nap…wow…I guess I was really tired. When I woke up I made myself a turkey sandwich with laughing cow cheese, spinach, sprouts, pickles, and jalapenos. On the side I had a pear.

Mike was at his footbal game so I was on my own for dinner. I ended up having 2 spinach pizzas from Trader Joe’s. These things are so good!!! When Mike got home I had a Bud Light with him.


9-11-08 Lunch and dinner September 12, 2008

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I left work early so I didn’t have time to post my lunch…I had a baggie full of edamame and a lean cuisine.

Sorry I don’t have pictures for dinner or my snack. Around 3pm I had a Luna bar, I believe it was chocolate raspberry…don’t think I really liked it, it tasted a little weird to me. After the volleyball games were over (8:30pm) we stopped for dinner at Sonic. I had never been there before but I heard that their food was awesome, not to mention their hilarious commericals. But I ended up getting a grilled chicken wrap (380 calories) and I had a few fries and a couple onion rings. To drink I got their diet cherry limeade…it’s made with real limes and cherries.