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Lunch August 21, 2008

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Well I guess the flax didn’t really work that well. Around 10am my stomach started growling….so I just chugged some water and waited until lunch. My lunch today consisted of a turkey sandwich with red pepper hummus and cucumber on whole wheat Oroweat light bread. I also had a salad with cucumbers, red onion, green bell pepper olives and Italian spray dressing.


Notice the book I’m reading right now…it’s called Swapping Lives by Jane Green. I already read one of her books, Jemima J and absolutely loved it.







3 Responses to “Lunch”

  1. Cristina Says:

    Oh, I forgot you got that. Is it good?

  2. Tiff Says:

    Are you talking about the book? If so, so far it’s good…I’m only on chapter 6.

  3. Cristina Says:

    Yeah, the book!

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